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WOW- great wedding decor for 33 cents!

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Michelle Rynn


Weddings are wonderful occasions filled with much excitement and expense.  Besides the gown, venue, flowers, etc...miscellaneous décor can add up in cost.  There are ways to save $. 

These cute table markers are inexpensive to make and consist of elements of the latest trends in decorating.



I purchased these galvanized step flashing pieces in the roofing department at my local hardware store.  The cost is 33 cents a piece.

Next, I taped along the edges of each side to create a rectangular box.


Using chalkboard paint, I painted the exposed surface.  Once dry, the tape was removed providing a chalkboard space to write on.

Using Artisan's Effect markers, I added the table information.  The white markers give the traditional look of white chalk on a chalkboard; however, you can use any of the vibrant colors to coordinate with your wedding's color theme.



You can buy Artisan's Effect Mega Chalk Markers direct from our store by clicking this link.  

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