Snowflake Holiday Decor - Artisan's Effect

Snowflake Holiday Decor

Posted on December 02, 2015 by Michelle Rynn

With Artisan's Effect markers, you can easily transform a wooden cutout from your local hobby store into fabulous holiday décor.

I painted a wood cutout with chalkboard paint:

And...the last part was also easy.  I used white and blue Artisan's Effect Chalk Markers to draw the lines of the snowflake and then write some of our family's favorite things about winter in the middle of the piece.  Just as I did with the pumpkin piece from my earlier blog about Fall décor, I placed the snowflake cutout in the middle of a green holiday wreath I already had.  I placed a few sparkling flower picks into the wreath and weaved some ribbon on the edge of the wreath.  You can use any holiday ornaments you would like to customize your own look.  Artisan's Effect markers make it easy to draw and write on various objects to make your own décor for your own custom look and in a less expensive way.

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