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It's Time For Personalized Fall Crafts

Posted on September 27, 2015 by Michelle Rynn

Personalized decor is very popular, and what can be better than when you can make it at home.  Fall is a time to bring those beautiful touches to your home that also can reflect the special things about you and your family.

This project was so fun to make.

First, I purchased a wood pumpkin cutout from my local craft store.

And next, I painted it with chalkboard paint.

What makes this project more special is that I was able to make this more personalized than the generic decor that can be purchased in stores.  I asked my daughters what their favorite things are for Fall, and then I wrote the list on the pumpkin with Artisan's Effect chalk markers.

Now this wood cutout came with a cord so it can be hung up, but I decided to re-use the wreath I had on my front door last year.  Instead of a hanging wreath, it is now a beautiful frame/holder for my decorative piece.

Now I have a new Fall decoration that is also a special reminder for my children of the wonderful new things coming this season.

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