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Easter Centerpiece Bouquets

Posted on March 08, 2016 by Michelle Rynn

Are you looking for some new Easter centerpieces that look great and are easy to make?

This Easter egg bouquet takes just a few steps.

First, write on plastic Easter eggs any message you would like using Artisan's Effect Chalk Markers.  This one spells out "Happy Easter."

With the vibrant colors of Artisan's Effect Markers, the eggs look great.

Next, I placed flower foam into a container and placed artificial flowers into the foam.  I then used a hot glue gun to glue each egg into the center of each flower- spelling out Happy Easter.  Next, I placed Easter grass into the container to cover the foam- instant centerpiece.

Another centerpiece I did was also simple to make and looks terrific too.

I purchased a wooden cutout of a cross.

Next, I painted it with white paint and chalkboard paint.

Then, I used Artisan's Effect Chalk Markers to write my message.  The vibrant colors look beautiful on this piece.

I placed artificial flowers into flower foam in a container and then used a hot glue gun to glue the cross to the flowers.  Lastly I added Easter grass to cover the foam.

A wonderful centerpiece for your home or church event.

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Garden Themed Advent Calendar

Posted on November 09, 2015 by Michelle Rynn

I love gardening, but during the Winter there are some challenges to having a nice garden.  That is why I like to bring the outdoors in, especially during the holiday season. 

This garden themed advent calendar is a perfect way for you and your family to countdown the days until Christmas while having a beautiful decoration for your home.  And, you can use many things you already have or purchase garden items that may be on clearance at the end of the growing season.

First, I placed a trellis into a large pot in which I fitted floral foam.

 Second, I placed floral moss on top of the foam.



Next, I used Artisan's Effect markers to write the numbers 1-25 on various chalkboard markers that have clothespins attached on the back.  You can find these chalkboard pieces at most craft stores.  I used a variety of designs for an eclectic look



So, on December 1 all the chalkboard markers are turned around and each day you turn around the corresponding number until you reach December 25th.  The clothespins make it easy to turn the numbers around.


I attached a metal decorative piece using a clothespin.

And I used the Artisan's Effect chalk markers to write a bible verse on the metal piece.  Because these markers erase easily on non-porous surfaces, I can change the bible verse whenever I want during the season.

I took a chalkboard garden marker and used Artisan's Effect markers to write Christmas Countdown.  Lastly, I "planted" my garden pot with two snow brushed poinsettias that I simply placed into the floral foam.


This project actually did not take that long to complete and is a beautiful and stunning piece for your Christmas Décor.



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