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Magnolia Charm: Decorating With Metal Objects

Posted on May 19, 2016 by Michelle Rynn

I've been enjoying seeing all the magnolia trees blooming in my neighborhood.  The magnolia is such a large, beautiful, and stately flower, and I wanted to replicate the magnolia design in my home.

I purchased a metal milk can decorative piece months ago and decided I wanted to change the design I originally placed on it.  I simply wiped off the design and created my new piece.

Did you know that Artisan's Effect Chalk Markers work great on metal?

You can write on metal and as long as the metal is non-porous, you can easily remove your writing when you wish.

For this piece, I used white and yellow Artisan's Effect Mega Chalk Markers to create the bold petals and yellow center.

Placing greenery in the milk can makes it a beautiful addition to any table.


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